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DRM protect WordPress

The SafeGuard DRM plugin enables access rights control of any page on your web site that is created by your online page editor.

Your DRM protected web pages can include all types of media and content, including live video streams.

Select web pages can have DRM protection applied by simply nominating their URL or a keyword common to their hyperlink in the plugin's settings page. For example nominating 'lesson' will add DRM protection to all pages that include that word, such as in enabling you to use one keyword to apply to a whole series of lessons.

DRM Features:

SafeGuard DRM offers various options:

Typical Use Scenarios

SafeGuard DRM is most useful for managing access rights to paid subscriptions to watch tutorials online. It can also be used to restrict access to intellectual property such as corporate data, stocklists, formulas and recipes, making sure that only those who have been assigned access rights are the only ones that do.

How It Works

In a nutshell, your web page gets injected with HTML that embeds a hidden iFrame in which a SafeGuard Media script runs to manage access privilegs assigned to the token owned by the user. Each user is identified by their unique Computer ID so that once they submit their token, their access to the specified page will be granted automatically on return visits. Your DRM protected content can only be accessed by those that you specifically authorise.

SafeGuard DRM Control Panel

When your SafeGuard DRM account is setup, you can login here to set account preferences, view statistics and edit Token properties for each user. The nomination of which page to DRM and the creation of DRM Tokens is managed from your DRM plugin's settings page on your website.

SafeGuard DRM Pricing

An initial setup fee of $25 applies to all new accounts.

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Prepaid Requests
  • 100 Hits at $0.10 cents
  • 200 Hits at $0.07 cents
  • 500 Hits at $0.05 cents


Monthly Renewal
  • Up to 2,000 hits per month.


Monthly Renewal
  • Unlimited use per month.


Annual Renewal
  • Unlimited use per year.

Free Trial for Evaluation

To evaluate the service prior to purchase, you can register a Demo account that will provide FREE use for 14-days.

User Guide

Click to download the user-guide for SafeGuard DRM in PDF format.

For more info about the token process, see About DRM Tokens.

Plugin Download

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