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No Website Required

While the SafeGuard Media messaging service can be likened to a secure Webmail portal, it can also serve as a most securely copy protected solution for the management and assignment of online courses.

Secure Team Messaging

Ideal for for team messaging or private tuition where privacy and security for intellectual property is paramount. All messages and attached media is accessed via an online mail client. Nothing leaves the server except if notification of new messages is required to the recipient's usual email address.

Online Course Management

Each admin/author can create an unlimited number of groups, users and messages which are published as web pages and can include HTML and emebedded images. PDF, video and zip files can be attached for additional reading in a secure, copy protected scenario which is read-only (no copy).

User Management

SafeGuard Media provides the most sophisticated and most secure DRM imaginable, where access is limited not only by apssword protection, but also by unique computer identification, enabling accounts to be locked to 1 or several computers.

Management Controls

User access can be governed by Group settings and/or individual settings to include:

Subscription Sales

Sell subscriptions online from any web page or Facebook post. Add products for the link to use on any web page to sell your ebooks and tutorials free of commission or advertising fees. All you need is your own PayPal account and your customers can use any credit card without subscribing to Paypal.

Management Controls

User access can be governed by Group settings and/or individual settings to include:

Copy Protection

SafeGuard Media utilises the most secure copy protection for web media on the planet:

How It Works

Whether a tutor or team leader you can create messages assigned to Teams/Groups that can be accessed by each user in those Teams/Groups, or you can send messages to specific recipents. Recipients can reply and follow discussions with anyone that was included as a TO or CC recipient. It all starts with the Team leader who can keep it one-one one by using BCC or they can include others as required by using CC... each user's contact list begins with only one contact for their welcome message, and additional contacts are added automatically when found as either a TO or CC recipient for a message.

SafeGuard WebMail Pricing

Pricing for the SafeGuard WebMail service is based on user count:


Demo accounts can be registered for the SafeGuard Media service with access for 14 days:

Team Settings

SafeGuard Mail team settings

User Guide

Click to download the user-guide for SafeGuard Mail in PDF format.