About DRM Tokens

What are DRM Tokens?

Like NFT, the DRM tokens employed by this service enable the right to view select media such as web pages displaying images, video and other online media.

Each DRM token will alow a single user to view a nominated web page. Such tokens cannot be shared once they have been claimed... users are identified by their unique computer signature. Tokens may allow the use of only one computer or device, or they may allow up to 3 or more devices, depending on limits set by the author of the token.

Web browser requirement

To access DRM protected media, all users are required to download and install the ArtisBrowser, a web browser especially designed for encrypted and protected content. Other web browsers cannot access our DRM protected media because none are suitable for our level of protection.

Tokens sent by email

If the email containinmg the instructions for claiming your token cannot be found, please look in your SPAM folder.

Tokens need to be claimed

After purchasing the right to view media, you will receive an email with explicit instructions for claiming your token. That email will provide:

  1. Download link for ArtisBrowser
  2. A link to Claim your Token
  3. The link to claim your token by copy-n-pasting into the ArtisBrowser address bar.
  4. A direct link to the protected page (to use after claiming your token).

1. Download ArtisBrowser

The ArtisBrowser can be downloaded from artisbrowser.com.

The download for some OS may be compressed (ZIP) that will need unzipping to produce the installer file. After installation, start ArtisBrowser to continue by copy-n-pasting the token link found in your email.

2. Link to Claim your Token

Clicking the Claim your Token link will go to a page that may or may not launch ArtisBrowser (not supported on all devices) to load your token for claiming. Then input your name and emal address to claim your token.

3. Link to copy-n-paste in ArtisBrowser

Open ArtisBrowser and copy-n-paste the link into its address bar. On the token page, input your name and email address to claim your token.

4. Direct link to the media

As soon as you get to the protected page, bookmark it for future use. The direct link will only be accessible after you claim a token to use it.

Common Errors

Form returns blank after submitting:

  • the token no longer exists - may have been cancelled.
  • or, the token link included or missed characters possibly due to carelessness while selecting to copy and/or pasting into an address bar that already contains data. Start again from scratch and be more careful.

Activation error:

  • An application or service that can be used to copy/record has been detected. To continue, first shutdown the app that has been nominated by right-clicking the START button (bottom left of your screen), selecting Run and inputting "taskmgr". When the Task Manager opens it will show a list of all running processes, click on the process in question and then click End Task. Then you can continue to the protected page.