Select From These Plans To Best Suit Your Budget And Estimate usage OR Try 14 days FREE trial by registering for your website


$0 /Month Sign Up
  • Prepaid validation requests
  • 100 Hits at $0.10 cents
  • 200 Hits at $0.08 cents
  • 500 Hits at $0.06 cents


$30 /Month Sign Up
  • Billed monthly
  • This economy plan allows for up to 1,000 media views (hits) per month.


$80 /Month Sign Up
  • Billed monthly
  • The Premium plan allows for unlimited hits per month.


  • Requires dedicated server or VPS
  • For Apache and Windows (IIS) servers.
  • One-time purchase (no renewals).
  • Price includes FREE installation.
  • Multiple sites can be licensed for FREE.

What makes our media protection the best?

Nothing can be saved

Nothing can be saved, download or extracted, not even from browser cache or memory.


Can be used on any website hosted anywhere.

Safe from all screen capture

Safe from all screen capture and screen recording software.


Media can be delivered from your own website or remote file sharing services.

Copy Protection

Copy protection for all media including images, PDF and video.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

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Have Questions?

Which plan should I select?

Billing is based on usage hits (requests for protected media). For low usage users Prepaid Hits may be the best option and a place to start. If usage increases your plan can easily be upgraded at any time. For more regular users monthly billing can allow up to 1,000 hits per month or allow for unlimited usage.

What if my account approaches expiry or gets low on credits?

The system will send reminders and notices as expiry approaches or when credits get low. Monthly accounts can be auto-renewed.

How do I know who has viewed my media?

From your SafeGuard Media control panel you can modify settings, watermark options and view all visits to your media to see how, when and by whom.

Can protected media be listed in Google?

That will be pointless because search engine spiders, like video and media downloaders, cannot access the SafeGuard Media page. To promote your wares, please use normal door way pages.