The most secure DRM and copy protection for all web media.

DRM protect web pages

SafeGuard DRM

DRM Protect WordPress

SafeGuard DRM provides easily managed access rights to view web pages that cannot be shared. Access tokens can be created giving rights to access specific web pages with limitations for expiry and number of views.

Copy protect messages and web pages

SafeGuard WebMail

Copy Protect WebMail

SafeGuard Media services use the most secure and most sophisticated DRM and copy protection solution ever imagined.

Copy protect WordPress web pages

SafeGuard WordPress

Copy Protect WordPress

WordPress plugin that copy protects images, PDF and video, from all methods of copy and save for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Copy protect websites at server level

SafeGuard Server

Copy Protection Server

Dedicated and virtual servers using Linux, Nginx or Windows can install this solution to copy protect all types of media displayed on web pages. Supported across all OS and devices by using the ArtisBrowser.


SafeGuard Media uses the most secure DRM and copy protection for all web media. That solution cannot be compared with any other copy protection solutions that are falsely advertised far beyond their capabilities. While you may see many plugins/solutions claiming to be copy protection, in reality they are incapable of preventing copy by save, PrintScreen and screenshot, and are useless against web scraping.

SafeGuard Media copy protection and DRM is so more advanced, because the ArtisBrowser, a secure web browser especially designed to safeguard media and intellectual property, protects data where all other web browsers have failed.