The only Copy Protected Web Hosting solution

The only Copy Protected Web Hosting solution

To properly protect media on web pages there is only one solution that effectively prevents all copy, and it requires a dedicated server for the permissions required to install software on the server at system level.

Providing copy protection for websites has not been feasible for web hosts who need to cater for low maintenance and basic support. Also, until now, there was no effective solution that could copy protect all media displayed on all devices including Mac and mobile phones… until now. The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is a copy protection solution that most effectively protects web pages from all copy, and the ArtisBrowser, which is specially designed to protect web content where all other web browsers fail, is now available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Only now is it possible to provide Copy Protected Web Hosting where site owners can simply copy protect any web page media that they want.

The SafeGuard Media service provides a simple to use solution that anyone can use. No web development skills are required, especially when using the SafeGuard Media WordPress plugin, which enables site owners to select the media that they want to protect and add it to any web page or post created by their online page editor.

The media files can be hosted anywhere. They do not need to be uploaded to SafeGuard Media or uploaded to your website. Media files can be located on any web service that allows uploads and direct links. Even free file sharing sites can be used. However of 10-12 of the most popular file sharing sites that we reviewed only a couple of them allowed direct file access. All others insisted that the file be delivered via their own viewer and iFrame.

Dropbox and Amazon web services were the only two free file sharing services that allowed direct access from our iFrame. Yes, even Amazon is free until your usage grows, and as a paid file service they are most economical. More importantly, Amazon can provide file sharing from many data centers around the world, enabling one to use the best location for their audience.


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