The evolution of Copy Protection for the Internet

The evolution of Copy Protection for the Internet

The need for copy protection to protect the livelihood of artists online was realized in 1998 and the very first effective image protection was developed by ArtistScope, one of the partners providing the SafeGuard Media service. Secure Image was also the first encryption solution for online images that were domain locked, thus making their storage on the server most secure, even from company and webhosting staff.

It was ArtistScope who further developed copy protection to include protection from screen capture, protecting all media from all methods of copy. Displaying and copy protecting media in popular web browsers has always been most difficult, mainly because they have always been designed at cross purpose and to be popular, enable everyone to save, download and collect media and information in many ways.

What with the radical changes over the years in operating systems, new web browser features and an abundance of different media downloaders and recorders, providing a stable solution for copy protection has been a perilous journey,  that only ArtistScope has survived. Keeping abreast of those changes has been the key to their continued support and the integrity of protection provided for intellectual property.

ArtistScope has since developed the most secure copy protection solutions for all media, and in 2012 released the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) to create a secure tunnel between website and the user’s desktop. The first ArtisBrowser was limited to displaying encrypted ASPS pages only and only on Windows computers. However it has since been revised to allow it to be used a default web browser.

However the ArtisBrowser is not intended to be popular or compete with other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. In fact most may find the lack of browser caching in ArtisBrowser an inconvenience when compared to other web browsers. But it is the browser cache that is commonly exploited by media downloaders, and in today’s Internet climate with much faster download speeds than ever, any slowness might not be noticed.

Early copy protection solutions utilized browser plugins to interact at system level. But all of the popular web browser makers dropped support for those plugins in 2015 making it impossible to view properly protected media. Today, only the ArtisBrowser, a web browser properly designed to cater for “copy protection” can be used, thus making all copy protected web projects more secure than ever before and removing the opportunity that many web developers have made over the years in trying to appease their clients and protect content in web browsers that were only ever designed to copy and exploit the web.

In 2020 the Mac version of ArtisBrowser was released, and early in 2021 the Android version of ArtisBrowser was released, with the iOS version released soon after for iPads and iPhone mobile phones.

Only now is it time for a Copy Protected Web Hosting solution… now all bases are covered.

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